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If you provide water to the public (at least 15 service connections OR serve at least 25 individuals for at least 60 days out of the year),  you may be a considered a public water system (PWS).   This can include people that don’t live on site such as employees, customers, or students.  Click for TCEQ PWS definition.

Our licensed water operators have a wide range of solutions  for your transient, non-transient, non-community public water systems needs.

We manage all  monitoring, sampling, recordkeeping and reporting requirements. Professional services include:  

  • Site Sample Plans and PWS Monitoring Plans

  • Usage Logs & Weekly Disinfectant Residual Logs

  • Monthly Operating Reports

  • Monthly Bacteria Sampling and Reporting

  • Disinfectant Level Quarterly Operating Reports

  • Annual Tank Inspections

  • State Regulatory Audit Representation

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